Saturday, January 5, 2013

Irreconcilable Differences.

I am experiencing an almost third life crisis. 

What the hell have I done to myself to be so unsatisfied lately?

On one hand:
I have my health.
A career I don't regret and a job I love.
A beautiful baby boy (and 4 months preggo today:)
A partner
A roof over my head
A car

On the contrary..
I feel like crap most days, don't exercise much, and am somewhat depressed.
I love my son ggff (him typing lol) but am worried about having another.
He is just as flawed as I am, not including our relationship issues.
I live in pretty shitty and dangerous city
Time for a bigger car after the 2nd baby
+ More stuff that require separate posts.

What is missing? Hmmmmm. Is it God? faith? religion? peace? Could very well be true but I am prone to skepticism in this area much to the dismay of ActivistGuy.  I know.....I am working on it. Perhaps I need to work much harder, eh?

Anywho,  I am at a fork in the road as to how I reconcile realities with ideologies. 

I feel like my late twenties are no longer mine.  I have a passport with no stamps, a body that will never be the same, bills and responsiblilities, serious relationship issues, few friends, and another child on the way.  If I am being honest with myself, several things have to change but I am not sure where to begin and making excuses is seriously getting old. 

CHILE PLEASE- Things done changed.