Sunday, January 23, 2011

25 Weeks and counting

I'm nice and preggo. Today i'm 25 weeks. Yesterday was my 27th Bday. I didn't do much. ActivistGuy got beautiful flowers delivered and my mom-in-law sent an Edible Arrangement. My mom bought my traditional fav strawberry shortcake from Lynn's Bakery. YUUUMMMM!!

I ate and ate and ate for most of the day and watched the 4th season of the Wire. Activist Guy has never seen it before so i'm re-watching it with him.

The baby just kicked me :) He kicks a lot these days.

I'm oh so ready to go out on maternity leave but I have to fulfill my 1yr requirement, which means I have to stay working until April 5th. Baby is due May 8th (Mothers Day. cute!). So i'm trying to hang in there. I work 7p-7a, 3 shifts a week on a busy ass cardiac floor. Not to mention all the dump patients we get from other floors. Confused 92 yr old? Schizophrenic homicidal maniac? Enraged crack addict? Yea..we get 'e all. Not too mention all the beauracratic nonsense that goes on behind the scenes with managers and staff. It's pretty safe to say I hate floor nursing and am only doing it for the experience. I'd much rather work out of a docs office or be a school nurse. All that drama-drama, rush- rush is not for me. Which is why after I have the baby I probably won't return.

OK--Side note: I'm sitting here watching this documentary on Fit TV about "The Pregnant Man" ..Excuuuse me but that "man" is biologically a woman. A WOMAN!! with ovaries and a uterus. He/she is not a damn man so they need to stop being dramatic. ugh!

Activist Guy is on vacation until Feb. This pregnancy brings a whole different dynamic to our relationship. He has a type A personality and i'm Type B or whatever you wanna label it. Anywho, my emotions are up and down and even the slightest inclination that i'm doing something "wrong" by him sets me off. He say's he understands, but i'm convinced that no matter how hard he tries, he can't. I'm preggzilla sometimes and ge can't accept that. I like to relax on my days off but he always has to be a busy-body and wants me to be the same. This man can talk, talk, talk like nobodies business. Always running off to this or that meeting. Always trying to help someone in the community. While this is one of the things I love about him, it burns him out. I see it when he can't sleep at night or when he's on the phone nonstop. No doubt, he'll be successful one day but i'm worried that the baby may make him work even harder. *lesigh*

CHILE PLEASE- I'm hungry again.