Monday, February 22, 2010

Gather 'round lovlies

Let me start of by saying these past couple of months have been busy, stressful, beautiful and life changing. Lets start off with the update and i'll give the good news at the end. Lets start off with work.

I got my 1st nursing job at a psych hospital back in December. I work as a pool nurse so the $$$ is good. I work with mentally ill people but sometimes I think the staff need to turn in their keys and have a seat next to the patients. In the meantime i've still been going on interviews at hospitals.

We've been dating since last August and things have been going great. Not saying that everything is perfect. We argue and get sick of each other just like any other couple. Last month he took me on a surprise trip to Manhattan for my birthday weekend.

Ok, I can't hold in the good news anymore:

I'm ENGAGED!!! Activist Guy proposed to me on Valentines Day :)

and more good news!!

I got a job at a hospital!!!!!!!



CHILE PLEASE- I'll save that for next post