Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Cosby Effect

I have been M.I.A. I wish I could post more but circumstances that allow me to post as frequently as i'd like have deterred me from doing so.

........Ok, enough with the snooty ass language: I've been busy as hell yall.

I finally started my first nursing job. I'm in orientation right now and it's long, draining, and boring. But least i'm getting paid! I'm a little nervous since it's psych but I think I will do well.

Men..(well the one that I do have)
Idk. Things have been good but things have also been rocky (perhaps even boulderous). I guess that's the cornerstone of any relationship. Problems and sh*t...attitudes and sh*t...

"Why do you breathe funny?!"..."Why do you chew like that?!" and sh*t.
(I swear I been reading too much VSB's..and sh*t lol)

It's pretty safe to say that the honeymoon period is over with me and Activist Guy. We still have our boo love moments but all of the OD cutesy hello kitty crap is out the window like Tiger Wood's dork ass image.

There are times I question if i'm really cut out for this. I love him so why does this relationship crap have to be so difficult??? One day we're doing great and the next I want to strangle him (and vice versa). That brings me to the conundrum: The Cosby Show seriously effed up my perception of what a good black relationship should be (not too mention mom spelled my name exactly like Rudy's real name aka "Keshia"). I was raised by my mom mostly and saw very few, if any positive lasting black relationships. I thought that once I found the perfect man, all i'd have to do was perform a neck snap & a few side eyes when ole Hubby got outta pawket. And all he had to do was talk funny and tell stories that no one understands. Well...not really but I thought it'd be fairly easy if we tolerated each other. Come to find out, good relationships are about as tolerable as the people involved. I mean, if all the Claire Huxtable's of relationshipville had to worry about was their Cliff's sneaking a hoagie or two; Well, life would be splendid! Go on and get that hypertension babay!!

Alas, we are not. Cliff was not perfect and neither was Claire. I mean cmon...did you really think there were black people named Cliff & Claire? methinksnot. And i'm sure the Huxtables did some freaky sh*t now and again. How else do we explain Denise being all rebellious and glowstickish?She was a bastard child! Out of wedlock, indeed. Ike and Tina is more realistic than a lawyer & OB doc (further evidence that Cliff Huxtable was a perv).

So with that said i'm going to continue to fight the good fight (like Ike or Chris Brown or Elin Nordegren) and work on this thing. I have trust issues and he has issues. We have issues. But I think as long as we work on them, we'll work it out.

CHILE PLEASE! Episodes are rehearsed, you only get one take at life. Annnnnd ACTION!