Monday, November 23, 2009

Right now.

I'm in a good place. Here's a few reason's why:

  1. I found my 1st job as a RN!!!!!!! Making double the $$$ I thought i'd be making. Schwweeeeeeet!
  2. ActivistGuy and I are still going strong. We've had a few small spats but nothing serious at all. We're always out and about doing stuff and I wonder how I ever was content with being single.
  3. I'm just generally happy all around. I remember this past summer after graduating when I didn't have a job how depressed I was. I was a walking rain cloud. A real Debby-ass-downer. Now i'm just a big ole ray of gay sunshine! (no lesbo)
  4. I started a personal challenge to grow my hair. My hair is already a decent length so I am not bald-head scallywag! But I love wearing my natural hair. Plus who wants to have itchy weave sweaty scalp during sex? No bueno! I've stopped perming, weaves, and all that extra crap. I wash and condition every week and make sure it's wrapped every night. So far it's grown a 1/2 inch longer in 6wks. YAY me!
  5. I've simultaneously stopped my bad habits: Popping bumps on my face, playing with my nipples, and picking my teeth when nervous. Ugh, I know :/
And that's about it...So umm. yea. No drama to speak of so if I failed to entertain you.

CHILE PLEASE- That's what the archives are for.