Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Honesty Check

  1. There are good men out there. I found one. And this is coming from a former "Ni**as Ain't Sh*t" board member.
  2. I need to start taking responsibility for fu*cking up. Even for small things. I admit I can be a spoiled brat sometimes.
  3. I do care what people think about me. Just not as much as I used too.
  4. I hate being the picture taker at events because I always end up in like 2 fuggin pics with my head cut off..WTF?! I'm gonna start leaving my Nikon home..hmph!
  5. The 5lbs I gained went straight to my hips & thighs. Though I pretend not too like it..I'm happy I finally got ass now!! Woot Woot!
  6. Activist Guy loves politics and all that gub'ment stuff. I have limited interest. When we go to these political events I feel out of place, bored, and oggled by creepy old men.
  7. Activist Guy talks waaaaay too much. That's my baby..but sometimes I wanna tell him to STFU! ..This brings me to #8
  8. I should probably talk more.
  9. Rough sex doesn't feel good. We just do it for you. Which brings me to #10
  10. After I cum. "Wrap it Up B!"
CHILE PLEASE!: I'm just sayin' how I feel.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Goat herders>>>Semmi Ass N*ggas


Sooo..from the comments about the Activist Guy announcement it's clear that you all wanna know when this happened. Well my lovlies, here goes:

Well, it actually happened about 2 weeks ago. Initially, I started going to his house to watch Trueblood because my cable was cut off. I was still feeling the aftershocks of SJ's latest saga so I was wary of AG's advances. After awhile I said 'what the hell, let me see where this goes'. Since then, we've spent the last 2 months together. This past month we've been together almost every day. I met some of his family, and last week, his mother. They all like me. My family likes him. Mom lovvvvves ♥ him after I bought him to church with me

Everytime we went out ppl would ask if we were together. After replying "No" ppl would say:

"Well you should be! You two make a cute couple!"

LOL. So after the FB status changing debacle..one day I just said "fuck-a-hater" changed my status and profile pic.

Now, i'm not gonna lie..I was shaking like a fiend w/no crack. I felt like I was missing out on dating and the single life. Felt like my playette card was being revoked. Felt like my hotness stock was going to plummet :/

Felt like I needed to stop making excuses. I got over and changed it. Besides, if this doesn't work out I can always change it back, right?? Afterward, I saw a few meriod laden status' from past flings and a few msgs from guys I didn't even know liked me. Too late!!!

Activist Guy is nerdy, obsessed w/politics, wears Doc Martin's and has a funny laugh. Some would even call him weird. But he's my weirdo! He is also thee most handsome, caring, considerate, loving man I have ever been with (not to mention his large penis *Kanye shrug*). He is dedicated to his work in the community and is a role model to inner-city youth. I'm done with the jerks, frat boys, & pretty boys. Ole "I am in desperate need of a manicure" ass n*ggas.... Ole "Please do not take my pocket change" ass n*ggas.

No more crying a ocean for a nilla who wouldn't bat an eyelash for me.

And, I don't like getting all religious on here but i'm truly blessed to have him in my life. I don't know where this will go but I am strapped in for the ride with a smile on my face.

CHILE PLEASE-You diseased rhinocerous pizzle can go choke on Soul Glo!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Attention All:

Activist Guy is my boyfriend.

- I even changed my facebook status :)