Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Black Women: A few observations:

I know you all probably get tired of hearing me talk about my fuckery so here's a few questions and suggestions about black women. If you're mad..I'm probably talking about YOU..

1. Why do women grip their boyfriends tighter and shoot daggers when an attractive(or unattractive) young lady walks past? Seriously though..he's the one looking! How about you just gouge his eyes out sweety? I'm certain that will stop him from staring..Pfft!

2. Why are black women so catty to other black female co-workers? For example: When I used to work at Victoria's Secret my supervisor (black woman) told me I could go on break "whenever". Well, when I decided to go on break she say's "I never told you that"..I coulda choked the bitch. Another incident is when I started working at the bank. She was the only black woman working there before me. I swear it took her a month to speak to me..ugh.

3. Why are black women always yelling/spanking at their kids in public? It's so tacky and necessary. If the kid acts up just whisper a threat in their ear like my mom used to do.."Wait till we get to the car..Ima whoop yo A$$!" LOL. No need to be all loud and ig'nant up in Walmart. Trifling..I swear..

4. "Babymommas"--Stop thinking your baby's father wants to be with you because he slid you the peen with a side of diapers. One of the things my males cousins(with 7 kids might I add LOL) told me is that a nilla will always have the option to EFF the mother of his child--because she will LET him. It doesn't mean he wants to be with you. One of the main reasons I refuse to be a "baby momma."

5. Addendum to #4--Stop harassing the next chick. There are some good guys who don't cheat with the "baby mommas"(gawd I hate that phrase) and genuinely want to start a new relationship. As the next chick, we understand that you have a child with the man...but seriously...Stop with the fuckery.

6. Stop wearing slippers and/or pajama pants out in public. It's tacky. It's one thing to run to the mailbox..But to the mall?? P.S-Scarves/net caps in public make you look like a sewer rat as well.

7. Any hair color that does not occur in nature should not be upon the crown of your head over the age of 21 or unless it's Halloween. Thee end.

CHILE PLEASE- There's plenty more where that came from..Black men, you're next...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Drought

I haven't done sexytimes in saaaay...a minute (since the last time I saw SJ). And to top it off I haven't been doing anything about it. nothing. I've been purposely depriving myself. Wanna see how long I can go without shhhhh..(touching myself) I can't remember the last time i've gone more than a week. I guess you can call it a temporary celibacy challenge..Your girl is far from a nympho but I do need it. It calms me down & helps me sleep at night..Would like to have it...Whenever, wherever...shew! Look at me gettin all worked up..*sigh*

-Jill ain't neva lied..

"This here celibacy thing..."

Celibacy Blues - Jill Scott

...Got me ready to drink some "Crown Royal on iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice"

Crown Royal - Jill Scott

Thursday, May 7, 2009

College OVA! and IDK?!?

Guess who's BIZAACK?!! I've seriously missed the blog world! I apologize about the lack of posting. My life has been so bipolar lately so I figured when everything dies down I can give you all a decent update. With that said, things are still rough and tumble but I have a minute to type so here goes.....

Ok, I started writing that^^^^ yesterday but had to run out. See what i'm talm'bout!..rough and tumble

Here goes..again:

I'm finished COLLEGE!
So i've officially completed my undergraduate studies as a nursing major!!! I will be a Bachelor's degree prepared Registered Nurse!!!! No more exams, no more nursing clinicals in stupid white scrubs, no more bitch Professors, no more snooty ppl who think they know err'dayum thang. NO MORE! Now all that's left for me to complete is my nursing boards(NCLEX) and find a J-O-B. I've spent all my money (and mom's)registering for my applications and review course which translates into me being BROKE. I've updated my resume and networked with a few ppl that can help me get in where I fit in so i'm not too stressed on the job search. Otherwise things couldn't be better. I graduate May21st..Congrats the the c/o 2009!!! Stay tuned..Graduation pics will be posted!
ActivistGuy. Okay. So we're still talking/hanging out, whatever you wanna call it. This is still a trial period so I guess both of us have been on our best behavior. Nothing physical or anything like that. Although, he said he has gotten more comfortable around me; as have I. We hang out a lot on campus and I'm starting to notice that ppl think we're a couple. He introduces me to a lot of ppl he knows (and he knows a LOT of ppl)..So what i'm getting at is: I don't know how to feel about that. On one hand, I don't mind. On the other hand, i'm still apprehensive about a relationship (justifiably so in my mind after all i've been through). And the last thing I want to do is waste the man's time. I can sense that he's getting a little impatient with me and would rather things to move faster. Soooo, idk. At this point i'm not saying "Yes" or "No"..the truth is--I just don't know....

SexyJamaican. Okay (I say "ok" alot in real life lol)..So he's just about ready to come home after graduating and completing his internship. He should be home next week to be exact. We've kept in touch and he's came up to visit me a couple times between blog updates. I've tried to keep this thing as platonic as possible but its hard when he's standing in front of me. We've gotten closer since we started talking again and I don't see myself shutting him out of my life anytime soon. I'm actually looking forward to him coming home. I miss him (i miss him i really wanna kiss him but I can't 678triple98212!!) Soulja Boy! *shakes fist* But seriously..I don't know what to do. I'm torn. On one hand, I might...possibly...slightly 'L-word him?' On the other hand, I don't think he feels the same way. And if he does, he's not saying it. (Aside: He called me 2am with Lenny Williams-'Cause I Love You playing in the background lmao). Now, maybe i'm reading too far into this and it was bad timing, but it's a weird feeling I have (or maybe stupidity) At this point: I'm leaving it at a tentative "No"..the truth is--I just don't know...

CHILE PLEASE- Since I don't know..I should probably find out.