Thursday, April 23, 2009


This private shit ain't gone work.

- If you don't like it. Don't read it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

And the door is locked.

Ok, so my laptop is dead :( Monday I turned her on and my monitor was BLACK! I was so devastated man. My warranty was up but since my laptop was under recall it was under an extended warranty. I just sent her off to HP to get fixed but I know when I get her back everything will be GONE. I couldn't back shit up because i couldn't even see anything..ugh! This is the 2nd time this happened. Going ca-raaazeee without my BFF aka the innanet. I'm at my mom's house posting now but when I get her back let the post extravaganza begin! And no more crashes for soon as I get some cash i'm going Mac. Fuck HP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

.. I have been so busy with school that I haven't had time to really post...But yes, I am now private. Tell your friends, tell your lovers, tell your homies, or anyone else u know reads regularly to email me if they wanna keep up. The reason I went private is because i'm tired of nosey ppl reading my shit and taking it too heart (you know who you are).. I like to speak my mind and I really hate this private shit. Won't go into details about what happened but people need a dose of "Bitchassness Be Gone" If you don't like what I write, please feel free to click the little red box in you upper right hand corner!

So what's been going on..
School is almost a wrap and graduation is right around the corner! I do 12 hour nursing clinicals at a local teaching hospital. Well, the telemetry floor (cardiac for yall non medical folk) my instructor had me on was absolutely DREADFUL! Just pure pandemonium. Since i'm a senior I have to take on a full load of pts (5-6) but the floor was just fuckery with other nursing students stealing my pts, doctors, techs, bells going off, old ppl shitting themselves..ugh! I swear every call bell I answered resulted in me cleaning up some poop or throw-up :( I couldn't take it anymore so my instructor moved me to brand new ortho floor .I finally got a full load of patients and my the nurse I followed was this funny white guy. When he went to lunch one of my patients almost coded and I had to react like a real nurse. I saved a life yall lol. The only thing standing in my way of graduation is this stupid 16 pg leadership paper I have to do. The 6pg part is due Monday so i'm gonna finish it up this weekend. My procrastinatin' ass.

Next up..Mens!
Ok, so i've kinda falling back from Activist Guy. Not fully intentional but i've been busy and combined with his schedule..we barely see each other. I saw him yesterday after my clinical but I was butt ass tired to entertain and went to sleep.

That other guy I always talk about..Yea him. He's been back and forth from DC. Last week he came up for a hot second but we didn't kick it. After 2 years of knowing what he's capable of my woman's intuition is telling me that something else is going on with him chick wise. He's the type that craves female attention and can't be alone. First young dumb thing with a wet pussy is getting got around his ass. He'll switch up his whole steez just to impress some broad and once he tires of the vaag, she's tossed to the garbage like the condom he used. And it seems like every time I try to fall back from him he comes around all concerned. I think he does this out of guilt more than concern. I'm smart but I dumb it down too make him think he's winning. In reality, I already passed him twice...i'm just walking slow with my eyes closed.

BigB hopped out the woodwork and hit me up on myspace. I'm not really interested in him anymore but I can't front, I miss his company and the way we used to bug out. Kinda hard to believe with my SJ adventures but once i'm done with a man sexually it's over for me. No nothing. I don't go backwards peen wise.

CHILE PLEASE--Gonna start on my paper and have a drink. Pinky finger UP!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So you probably logged on today only to get that stupid message about my blog not existing. And I hate to just up and shut everyone out so I opened it again. If you already sent me your email from the 1st threat--check your email for your invite. If you don't have an invite please drop your email in the comment section.

CHILE PLEASE-- I really don't wanna do this...