Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hungry Kitteh & Roomate Druh-amma!

Hungry kitteh wants food.
Theres a homeless cat in my mom's neighborhood thats been slinking underneath cars for about a year now. Well last week when I went to visit, he/she (it's a "she" too me) came directly up to me "meowing." That's unusual cause she's a scaredy cat (haha) that always runs away. Anywho I gave her some fishsticks that night. A few days later I came to visit and she came up meowing--again! Then the other day I heard her meowing outside--AGAIN!!! When I looked out the window she was curled up underneathe my car..I swear I wanna adopt her so bad :( I gave her food again today and she slinked off with the kitteh-itis. Later I came back and she was sitting on my step--waiting..creepily. I walked away and this lil heffa did a catch stretch and commenced to following me for a block! I swear it was so creepy..Then out the blue another orange kitteh hopped out the woodwork and joined in the pursuit.
The next door neighbors feed hungry kitteh too..

Hungry kitteh following me...

She's still following me!

Perhaps I should stop feeding her :( OR...maybe hungry kitteh is a spirit or something..idk.. Strange as it may sound I look forward to seeing her. She's been more reliable these past couple weeks than my best friends. With that said: What shall I name her greedy ass?

Roomate beef.
So Nigerian Girl has been the worst roomate EVER for the last couple weeks. One night she had her TV blastin alllllllll dayum night! She claims she didn't hear the knocks at the door and slept thru the entire thing. Smiley left her a note asking her to be concscientious of the noise level because that shit was just ree-dam-dick-culous! Ugh. And she leaves her radio on even when she's not here! ugh. Then last weekend she brought a guest who decided she was gonna bring her entire wardrobe and a damn supermarket too! The living room was a mess! Then she cooked & left the kitchen looking like hurricane Katrina made another appearance. Just a few days prior I thoroughly cleaned the kitchen (even mopped..ugh) so I refused to clean her mess. And it's not my thing to leave stupid little post-its but I left one asking everyone to use lids when she left the microwave a mess! She walked into the kitchen just as I was about to stick it to the microwave so I told her myself(in a nice way)..I hate tension..but the shit hit the fan when she left Cheerios on the floor for 3 days and Smiley wrote another post-it...We all walked into the kitchen at the same time and NG ended up cutting Smiley off and stormed off to her room! Druh-aamaaaaaa. She ended up cleaning her mess..and things have cooled down since. I really can't stand living with a bunch of females but we only have a few mths left and I think we can make it. *sigh*

Why i'm lacking motivation.
4 Projects due. Started? None. Idk but Seniorits has been hella virulent this semester. Ion wanna do shit! I'm gonna take my spring break and work on the projects but lawd gimme the strangth! I know our President is black so the last thing I should do is be complaining but i'm saying...I just wanna graduate!!!

CHILE PLEASE--Spring Break is here...but no time to celebrate..I got work to do :/ FML.

Love Above Evil

Activist Guy leaves for the Motherland.
He left for his South Africa trip yesterday. Matter of fact he just called me about 20mins ago from Cape Town letting me know he got there safe. Prior to leaving he held a fundraiser/going away party. He raffled off an iPod touch that he won at a poetry show the week prior.

Aside: Well really...i'd won it cause I had the winning ticket that he'd bought for me. But whatev..he needed the money and I already have an iPod so it was only right..

Ppl also were to bring school supplies for children in Africa. A nice amount of ppl came out. I helped him out at the table and counted the money...whathaveu. A friend of his that also paints helped him raise money by auctioning off some of his art work. And wouldntyaknow that I won that raffle too :)..I picked out this glorious painting entitled "Love Above Evil."

I spent some time with him Monday and we just talked, chilled..etc. Twas nice but I find myself putting that wall up. He asked me if I was scarred from previous relationships..Yes, yes I am.. I so know that he wants to take it too the next level but something inside of me is saying to take it sloooow. I haven't even kissed him yet. Is that bad? He's done so many thoughtful things for me in the last few weeks: Bought me Aleve when my period came on, eco friendly cleaner when I told him my asthma started after cleaning with bleach..Just little things that make me smile yall. With that said; I can't differentiate his benevolence from the ill-intentioned men i've dealt with. He asked me if there is anything he could do to heal the scars. No, I have to do it on my own.. I told him that I was "dating" and he agreed that he shouldn't put all his eggs in one basket. The last thing I want to do is hurt him. But he's persistent as hell with his work in the community so what in the world would make me think that he'd give up on perusing something that he wants--me. At one point he asked me where i'd like to go for my honeymoon. I was dead ass when I told him Dubai. He laughed at me like I was crazy but later sent me a goodnight text.."dream of dubai." Heavaaaay ..Heavaaaay!!!

SexyJamaican saga continues..

So I came out and told him I had a friend when I accidentally sent him a text msg meant for Activist Guy. This was the same night a couple weeks ago that he payed Victoria a visit. That night he also saw the roses Activist Guy got me for the dance. I think he was hurt. And in a way, I wanted him to be after all he'd done to me. Lately he's been updating his FB status' in French about some girl he met and how she's so "real" blah blah blah. This is a ploy for attention. He thrives off it but i'm tired of my heart sinking everytime I see his status' in my mini-feed. I got really annoyed one night and asked if he has a g/f. He denied. She's just someone he "works with" that's helping him brush up on his French. Yea...surrrrre. Then he tries to flip the situation and starts asking me 21?'s about my "b/f" (referring to Activist Guy). I told him I didn't have a b/f. We went back and forth for awhile and he admitted that he needs to see me...that it feels like heroin withdraw. It didn't dawn on me then, but last night, I was watching the Sex & The City ep. (shout out to KB) where Carrie is creeping in & out of seedy motels with a married Big. At one point Big sarcastically brings up Carrie's "b/f" after a bang out session & then it hits me: SJ is my Big. Big is jealous. Carrie is jealous. We're making eachother jealous.

CHILE PLEASE--Closet in Dubai or NY?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


If I don't update for awhile I feel like ppl forget about this crappy lil blog. So the story is i've been busy(as usual). But I will give a full update of the goings on tomorrow my lovlies.

Activist Guy
leaves for the Motherland.
SexyJamaican saga continues..
Hungry kitteh wants food.
Why i'm lacking motivation.
Nursing school? I hate it.
Roomate beef chop suey.

CHILE PLEASE--Give me the strangth!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I feel....

Lovely today.

- Don't ask why. I just do.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Pussy,

I'm sorry for opening up my womb
I'm sorry for giving you away too soon
Pussy please forgive me for taking you for granted
I never meant for that seed to be planted
I know it hurt you when he came in
I know you bled when he left again
I'm sorry...
Pussy please forgive me for all the wrong i've done
For all the times you were neglected
And for every night you were disrespected
For the times I made you sick
For that time I hurt you with an oversized dick
I'm so sorry...
Pussy, me and you are so freakin tight
I love the long talks we have at night
I need you to be the niche for my future legacy
So tell me pussy.....
Do you forgive me?

CHILE PLEASE--That just came out of my fingertips..But I think we all need to write one of those. Don't you agree?