Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing: "Victoria"

Sorry this took so long but i've been uber busy, stressed, vexed, stalked and sexed. Grab the popcorn. Read on....

Disclaimer: It's a lengthy one..sorry but I had a lot to get off my 36B's

Activist Guy

So he bought me flowers. This was the first time i'd EVER gotten flowers from anybody. Well wait--there was that one time when this boy bought me funeral home flowers so that doesn't count lol. Anywho, that was sweet in itself and he looked sharp yall! Like he shoulda been selling bean pies on the corner of a MLK boulevard LOL. I felt bad because I made him wait an hour while I got dressed but it was worth it. The night started off great until the JelloGate incident that occurred when someone (not saying it was me) snuck jello shots into the ball room. Now, in this person's tipsy delight (did you say it was me?! wasn't!) they forgot to throw away the cups ..Unfortunately, the kitchen staff discovered them and tried to throw out our entire table. Sooo, Activist Guy, having the gift of gab, got everything straightened out and we ended up staying. Other than that debauchery we had a great time and I ended up dancing the night away (as always lol). GOOD TIMES. I would post pics but someone knows I have a blog..(one of the reasons i'm still thinkin of going private*sigh* Sorry yall :(

Mom's Hospital ordeal
So Mom hurt her leg at work lifting a patient last week. That weekend she said he legs were feeling tingly so I basically forced her to go to the hospital (mommy's always take care of everyone else but themselves). We went to the ER around 4 and didn't leave til 9..ugh! I really really hate E.R.'s. I'll be an RN this summer and I hope I never become so inhuman and robotic as these bags of flesh that worked in the E.R. This one crunchy hair nurse stuck my mom to draw blood several times and tried to insinuate that it didn't hurt! I almost stabbed her ass in the neck for that. Then it took the bitch 2 hours to hang fluids (mom was dehydrated) because she failed to check the orders. And it wasn't until I told her that she needed to check them! Nonetheless, mom is home and getting better with the help of physical therapy.

The car-less blues
It was something with the oil pan or something. 300 effing dollars that I don't have! I pay for it and go to moms house. Literally....Literally right after I pull up my mom's car breaks down!!! We got it towed to the shop and now I have to give her my car for work. This sucks :(

Stalker Dude
So this dude I barely know (hi and bye type shit) decided it would be a good idea to knock on my room door. Effin roomate let him in and this nigga had the audacity to knock on my door. Lookin all sweaty and veiny like he'd just come from the gym talkin bout "I smelled something cookin..Is it you". Cornball extraordinaire if you don't.... I was too scared cuss his ass out (you never know how crazy ppl are) so I gave his ass the gas face and told him to K.I.M. Why lawd why?!

So yea, he came up last Saturday to see me. I had stopped calling/texting him altogether recently until his bro and my good friend Teddy prompted me too contact him cause SJ kept "Why'in?" him about me. "Why she ain't callin me?".."Why she ain't textin me?" "Why?!" Hmm..looked like my self-induced Fade-Away worked (success!) So I call him and he goes on about how much he misses me and how i'm the only girl he knows that has sense. Giving me all the praise like my name was Yahweh yall. Ok, that was nice to hear and I sensed a lil sincerity too it, but I still take it with a 1/2 grain of salt. He said he lost all his contacts and couldn't call me but Chile Please! this is 2009..Truth is if he really wanted to talk to me that bad he could've facebook'd me. His excuse is that he isn't on the innanet like that (but you update your status like err'day..I'm just sayin..)

BUT with all that said: I can't front..I miss him. Crazy. And so did Victoria (poom poom nickname..I say it with an Eartha Kitt voice..Victooorrriia). He walked up behind me and kissed me on my neck..."He smells so good" Hugged me-tight "He feels so good"..tighter..*Splash!* We talked. chilled. dranked. He put his playlist on and turned his attn to Victoria.
Then we..
and sexed.
and sexed.
and ate breakfis.
Victoria thanked me profusely.
He put it on me. I put it on him. Put some more on him until he didn't have anything left (literally). This was that type of sex that'll have you in a daze everytime you think about it...................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Sorry..I was in a daze......

Ok. Back to reality. I felt some type of way because Activist Guy just came into my life so in a weird way I feel like i'm cheating..myself that is. I mean, here's this nice guy that wants to court me and then there's SJ--fine ass SJ; who i've always wanted to be with. SJ--who always falls short of telling me how he really feels. SJ; who ran off and damn near got married. The one who I just cannot let go no matter how hard I try. Victoria really needs to shut the hell up and stop telling secrets so I can think for once *sigh*

CHILE PLEASE--And that was just one week.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catching up..

I apologize for being neglectful but my life has been a whirlwind for the past few days. We have a looooOooooot to talk about...but right now I reallllly don't have the energy so I will update you all later in the week when things get a little better.

Topics I have to cover..

Activist Guy & the semi-formal
Mom's hospital ordeal
SexyJamaican came to see ya girl
My jalopy is in the shop :(


CHILE PLEASE- Pray for me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

Okay guys, I know i've been slacking in my replying to comments and making blog rounds but I had an extremely busy week. Please forgive me. I do read and appreciate all of my blogfam ♥ Tuesday I had nursing clinicals giving kids immunizations all morning. OMG, I had to give a little girl 5 needles! :( After that they sent me too an STD clinic *gag*! The next day I had clinical at an oil refinery in the Occupational Health Dept. So yea, I was wiped the heck out. Today I finally took my graduation pics. I can't believe all my hard work is finally paying off! I'll be an RN in just a few months. Wow.

So the semi-formal is tomorrow and once again i've outdone myself with preparation. I said I was only gonna buy 1 dress..under 50 bucks..and NO shoes (tryna lay off the shoe addiction) Alas, I walk into the store and come out with almost 3 dresses (narrowed it down to 2 at the counter:/). After a heated panel discussion with friends and family i've finally decided on the froc that will don my fabulous frame. I can't wait. Pics off both dresses tomorrow. (too lazy to upload right now)

Activist Guy. A few days ago he sent me a text saying he gets really nervous when he's around me (how cute!!!!). I told him I was nobody to be nervous around because i'm the queen of awkward. So earlier today, I invited him over to quell his anxiety and show him that i'm a regular ole girl and not the fabulous diva that he sees strolling campus. Also I wanted him to see my dress and get an idea of what he should wear. The more I talk to him to more I want to know about him yall. He's a pretty decent guy in light of my recent pitfalls and disappointments (at least right now he is). And for some strange reason as I walked down to let him in I felt butterflies in my stomach. Hmmm.

CHILE PLEASE- Maybe it was the taco bell I had earlier...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Vagina Day, Lasagna, and Goat Herders

Valen--err Vagina Day was rather uneventful. I didn't wanna be a complete grouch so I made candy baskets for home and the roomies..It was cute. Mom surprised me with one of my favorite foods EVER! A Lasagna:
(yea I took the first piece! LOL)
After I tore into that deliciousness I left to find a dress for this Friday. But wait, it'd help if I tell yall why i'm looking for a dress..DUH!..Ok...............

[Sherman Klump]I got myself a date, Friday night at 8, it will be so great, he might be my mate....(well maybe not) [/Nutty Professor]

Yup..I have a date to the university ball/dance/semi-formal whatever you wanna call it..This guy that I occasional see, we'll call him Activist Guy, has been on me for the last few mths. Activist Guy is an Urban Studies major and really active in the community, politics, and all that jazz. He always has some type of "call to action" on campus. He's even going to Africa in a couple months. I dig...I digs...But when he asked me to go I was all like:

Lovely: "Meh, how much does it cost?"
AG: "Don't worry about it..just bring yourself"
Lovely: Oh..uhh..Ok..

I had lunch with him the other day and he told me a little about himself. I wasn't in the mood to be all "MmmHmmm..reallllly"....and "head nod-ish" but it was an enjoyable encounter. He turned out to be a pretty decent guy.

BUT (You know there's always a 'but')Only thing is......I don't even wanna say this cause it really has no relevance on how I feel about him .........buuut i'ma say it anyway: He has a small arm..handicap arm that is. Dang, why did I just feel like a shallow bitch saying that? But it's the truth. I didn't notice it until I saw him a few times because he carries himself so well and most of the time i'm looking at his cute face. At first I was uncomfortable but he doesn't seem to mind cause he joked about pop locking and droppin it at the dance "at least with one arm" as he put it lol. Sweet with a sense of humor..Hmm..We'll see where this goes.

CHILE PLEASE- He's a nice guy so I figured i'd give him a chance. I'm tired of all these Semi's...ya girl needs a goat herder.

P.S In case you're wondering..No, I didn't talk to SJ on Vagina Day..really wasn't expecting too so it's cool.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Still sitting here...

So Friday, I went to my mothers house thinking if I was around family i'd cheer up. NEWSFLASH: It didn't work. In fact I think it got worse. That night SJ sent me a video of halftime at the Nuggets/Wizards game (he knows i'm a huuuuge b-ball fan..hold ur heads my Celtics!!!) So in the funky mood I was in I asked him why the hell he sent me that randomness. Shoot I wanted to be there to watch that good ole' fashion blowout! He says: "to let you know i'm having fun"..
Ummmm. If you're having that much fun why the hell did you feel the need to take time out of your "fun having" to send me a video of you "having fun"?

Does that make sense to yall?

Didn't think so. So what i'm thinnnnking is that he must really miss me so he's putting up a front to make me think he's getting over me. My my my..the games we play. In the next few texts he suggested that I come to DC because he's off on "All-Star Weekend". But every estrogen filled person with a vagina knows that that's Valentines Day weekend. Hmmmmmmm...So maybe he does miss me.But wait..You just friend zone-ded me, remember? Idk, i'm so confused yall. The girl in me wants to go in hopes that he'll change his mind about the whole "friend zone" thing; but the woman in me knows that most likely won't happen. I've been debating on whether or not I should go. Ever since he told me he still has feelings for the "ex" it's turned me off wishing for anything more with him. So why the hell should I torture myself with delusions of grandeur. No, no, no..I'm not going. If he wants me he's gonna have to make the effort because i'm tired of settling for anything he throws my way...

CHILE PLEASE- He wants his cake, pie, ice cream, danish, cinnamon roll, chocolate bar...and eat it too--right off of my poom poom.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sitting here..

With so much shit I could be doing. Supposed to turn in my resume & cover letter to the campus career center Monday, I need to do my online assignment, need to read a few chapters for class. I woke up this morning with every intention on completing these tasks and as of 5:22 pm i've completed NONE. Idk wtf is wrong with me?!? Usually i'd blame it on chronic procrastination but I think i'm midly depressed yall. Like foreal. Maybe it's the wintertime blues. I haven't left the apt in 2days. Did I mention how much I hate winter????? I really do. Snow is thee most useless precipitation EVER! Pretty to look at but a pain in the ass all around. And don't even get me started on the bony ass. *sigh*

I need a cuddle buddy...
"I want somebody to walk up behind me..and kiss me on my neck.."(right Erykah?)

Valentines Day is coming up and once again i'm pretending not to care. But the more I pretend the more I realize how much I want and need love. Yea, family loves me..real friends love me...and I love ME..But I want that 'wake up in the morning looking a hotassmess 'and he still loves me LOVE. That..'I'm tired of frontin so lets not be just friends because I love you LOVE'..

Ok, I know that was random yall, but I hadda get that off my chest...

- 2 days is enough..I'm gonna go get some fresh air before this gets worse.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Anorexic Midgets & 25 Random Things last semester has started and it's not as bad as I thought. We're doing community rotations so my clinical schedule is different every week. Thursday I have to follow a home care nurse. No biggie. It's better than being in a hospital for 12hrs (that part starts in March..argh!)..I only have classes on Monday and they've assigned us to groups to complete a community health project for a facility. My group is assigned to a local homeless shelter. Our first meeting was yesterday and I felt great to give back to the community....

Ok...what else....
Yea, so SJ is gone and I was a lil lovesick (feeling "blah"/no energy/can't sleep) for a few days. I think I still am. We text each other here and there but nothing crazy. Plus idk what's going on with that whole "ex" situation. He say's he still loves her sooo...yea. I added him to my book of faces again but I don't check his page cause i'm afraid of what I might see...

In other news...
So i'm in the cafe today and I see this kid I always see, we'll call him Anorexic Midget..Me and Anorexic Midget usually wave "hi" and "bye." He's always smiling--always. Today I guess he got up the nerve to ask my number. In my condition, I do NOT want to be pestered by the penis havers so I lied and told him I had a boyfriend.

Anorexic Midget: *Cheesin* "Oh, you live on the 5th floor?..I live on the 4th"
Lovely: "So, bitch?! ain't coming to my room!"

Nah, I didnt' say that..I just pretended like I didn't hear his ass and finished fishing through the salad bar for fresh he just stood there..and stoooood there--smiling, until my roomie came over and helped me shoo him away *sigh* So awkwardly annoying!

Last thing..
This 25 Random Things note going about the book of faces like wildfire (what is this, 2002?!) Nonetheless, I joined in the fuckery and did one. Thought it'd be a good post for new readers (and vets) to discover some things about the one they call Lovely:

Okay so here's 25 random things about moi:

1. I used to sneak and eat butter as a child...thought it was icecream:/

2. I will not eat oatmeal or coleslaw if Jeebus himself fed it too me (it's looks like throw up)

3. Don't let my size fool you. I WILL eat you out of house and home...

4. As a result of the above 3 being about food, I have ridiculously high cholesterol that i'm trying to get down :(

5. I used to be a lil tomboy when I was young. I probably would've remained one until I started liking the penis havers..

6. Never really thought I was 'attractive' until after highschool.."back then they didn't want i'm hot..." you know the rest LOL

7. Always wanted to be a Pediatrician.

8. I have a slight (well maybe huge) obsession with SHOES ♥ My house will have a room reserved just for my shoes!! ♥ I even made a facebook group for all you shoe addicts..See:)

9. Not really into confrontation, fighting, and all that fukkery. I like to watch tho lol.

10.Ok, just to clarify..Just because i'm laid back, doesn't mean I won't scream on you. Don't.Test. Me. My temper will throw a tv at you crazy!

11. I'm a NaS fan. Before my comp crashed I had his entire catalog+unreleased *tear*

12. I'm terrified of bats..

13. I want to learn how to box ((don't laugh)) and DJ '_'

14. If I wasn't a nurse i'd be a model or doing something in the fashion industry.

15. I used to read encyclopedias as a kid (nerd alert). So now I have all this random knowledge that stuck before the stupid set in as an adult....Stuff like dog breeds and tall buildings...

16. I'm growing my hair long like Bernadine in Waiting to Exhale..except that won't be the thing that gets cut if hubby cheats. ha!

17. For as long as I can remember i've always had this dream about a huge ball of pink yarn that was coming to crush me. Don't ask.

18. My dream car is a corvette..Gonna get one too..

19. I hate ironing clothes and don't if I can get away with it..

20. I shop when i'm depressed.

21. I LOVE to laugh and can find humor in almost anything. So if you can't make me laugh I probably won't like you..

22. I'm a germaphobe and wash my hands at least 15-20 times/day

23. I ♥ hugs. And forehead kisses..

24. Used to hate my last name cause it reminded me of Montgomery Burns from the Simpsons lol. Now I love it...and that's Ms. Montgomery to you!

25. I love everything Carebear! Especially Love-a-lot bear.

--Glad that's over.