Friday, November 30, 2007

The "Fade-Away"

First off, I forgot the password to the original page. I know I know, it's bad but I guess I haven't been blogging enough to remember it.

Anywho. A lot has went on in my love life since my last update. Besides bad dates i've gotten the 'Fade-away' from a guy..We dated for a few months over the summer. He was the first guy I dated after I broke up with Black Mon. We'll call him "Sexy Jamaican"..(good lawd he was sexy as hell!). He was tall, lightskin(no offense to dark skin brothas this is only for description purposes:), had these sexy pink lips that I could never stop staring at. I'd spend damn near every day/night with him. I kinda knew it wouldn't last because he had a lot of fuckery going on in his life. But I was able to look past it..He was a decent guy(oh and did I mention sexy as hell!). He approached me at a party..and I had already quasi-sorta knew him threw a friend..Anyway, I knew it wouldn't last because he had to leave [for school] at the end of the summer. Mmmhmmm, fine and educated (the complete opposite of Black Mon) I was hoping that we could still be together but I got the 'Fade-away'...*sigh*

Yes ladies...I think we've all experienced this annoying, bewildering event in our loveless lives. If you haven't figured out what the 'Fade-away' exactly is..let me break it down for you:

1.You meet said guy..
2.Talk on the phone with said guy..
Go on a few dates with said guy..
**at this point, if he starts to pursue you like crazy. Shows you mad attention. You're taken aback when he makes innuendos that he wants to make you his girl..Exciting right?!..This is where things get a little complicated..and you decided tooo
3.Have sex with said guy.
**by some remote chance the dick is amazing..stupendous lick game..You can't get enough. Daydreaming about him all the time and you feel like a pimple faced 14 year old..You think.."Omg! I *heart* h!m" You can't wait to hear his voice on the phone. The way he touches you makes your uterus do flips. His walk makes you stare. The sound of his voice makes you have to change your panties..But something happens between all this...After a few months said guy stops calling as much...
**Hmmm.."Maybe he's just busy.."
He stops texting
**"Hmm..maybe he is really busy.."
4.You decide to call him and get the brush off...(i.e "i'll call you back later"--he never calls '_')
**You start to realize he isn't that interested in you anymore. All sorts of thoughts run through your head. "Is he dating someone else??". "What did I do? :(". "Maybe I shouldn't have had sex with him so soon..."
5. Something in your irrational female brain leads you to believe your pussy is the best he's ever had, and that he can't POSSIBLY be giving you, thee platinum pussy haver, the 'Fade-Away?!' But that is .Exactly. what it is..
6. Eventually, you come to grips with reality when he stops calling/texting/IMing altogether..
You're hurt, confused, pissed off, horny, and too stubborn to call him..
You want answers.he gives NONE.

This my the FADE-AWAY..

It doesn't matter if you piss liquid gold and shit diamonds; No matter how much of a 'friend' or how cool you are. No matter how many times you cook for him (food is not always the way to a mans heart but we shall discuss this in the future) does not matter! If he is not interested in you, the best thing to do is move on early. Fade-away on his ass or he will turn you into the homielovafriend. Yes, it's easier said than done, and a lot easier to make excuses to rationalize his lack of communication with you. But ladies ladies-I beg of you, don't do this to yourself. Some women can handle being put into this catergory--Me, myself, personally canNOT. I need consistency. I need stability. I need honesty.

Chile Please
--No more Fade-aways for me.
"I break up wit him before he dump have me yes you lucky.."--Missy Elliot

Next up.."The sweet goofy guy"..